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ATV Rides

It’s not just about the destination; it’s about the ride too. Wouldn’t it be cool to visit Valencia’s top tourist destinations through an ATV, a Buggy, or a UTV Sport? Yes! From Tejeros, visit the Japanese Shrine, Casaroro Falls, Mag-aso Sulfur Ground, Tierra alta, and Camp look-out through those adventure rides. If you wish to visit more locations, just ask the management. They may be able to accommodate the ride.

The F1 Zipline

Ok, so you have become so chill spending time on any of the pools. You might now consider pumping yourself some dose of adrenaline as you hover fast above th 2 lower pools through the F1 Zipline. The Tejero F1 zipline is a fast but safe zipline designed and constructed by Philsouth Developement Corporation. This zipline is too fast that the company decided to attach a parachute on the rider to lower its speed a bit and avoid riders from becoming speed crazy. 🙂


Coaster Bus for Rent

(Prices may change without prior notice. For current rates and bookings, contact Philsouth Coastal Rentals:

Telephone: (035) 4227445, 2254052

Mobile: 09754283852

(Prices may change without prior notice. For current rates and bookings, contact us)



Brand New
Fully Air-conditioned Coach
Luxury Type
Leather Seats
31 Seat Capacity
TV and Microphone
Automatic Door

Ideal for weddings, excursions, corporate and family events, and city and out-of-town tours–Bacolod, Boracay, Cebu. Accepts airport pick-up, daily and weekly packages.


Rates start at P2,000 only.